Top 5 Fashion Mistakes Women Make

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fashion mistakes

When it comes to fashion, who can keep up? It is just like technology. As soon as you get the latest thing, the trendsetters have moved on to something else.

Oh well. There are still some things that you simple need to avoid no matter what your signature style. Do you know what they are already?

The Fashion Police Are Coming

The sky isn’t falling, but the fashion police will surely arrive at your house if you commit any of the following offenses. Actually they may not, but they should.

Hopefully, there is that one trusty person in your life that will tell you the truth about your outfits – before you step out the door in public.

Truthfully, much of fashion is a matter of taste. That is what makes it your personal style. In light of that, the fashion mistakes that will be highlighted here do not attack personal style but how you would wear any style of clothing that you like. Now, there are some definite choices that you should not make as well, but you’ll soon see what we are talking about.

1. Bigger is not better

We are talking about clothing here. Whoever said that wearing baggy clothing was stylish or made you look thinner, wanted a good laugh at someone else’s expense.

In a nutshell, it just looks sloppy. And, it makes you look older. Ever notice that some elderly people do the same? For anyone of any age, wear clothes that fit your size and shape. That is the most flattering of all.

2. Do not sneak into your daughter’s closet

There is nothing worse than a mom who dresses like her daughter. Can you say, “Recapturing your youth?” It isn’t happening and everyone knows it.

Trends that are good for young girls just look sad on their mothers.

3. What hides beneath is not flattering

If you wear a light shirt, always pair it with a darker bra. The see-through shirt and light bra went out with the 80s thankfully.

Granny panties under a fitting dress are also a major no-no.

Invest in tummy shapers and bras that support for special occasions. All the celebrities do.

4. Mismatched clothing

Colorblocking is one thing but clothing material that doesn’t even remotely belong on the same body at the same time is not right. When shopping, have a plan for your wardrobe and signature look.

Picking up odds and ends can leave you with a closet full of junk no matter how much it costs.

5. These shoes are made for no one

A stellar outfit can be brought low by the wrong shoe. Just because it looks cute on the rack doesn’t mean it will be cute on you or with your outfit. Heels make you look taller.

Flats can make an outfit look dumpy, especially a long dress or skirt.

Too many straps across the foot are also a no go. Choose a complementary color, not one that signifies your feet didn’t get the memo about today’s outfit.

Fashion mistakes can happen to anyone. Now that you know, refuse to become a fashion victim.

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